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What's Good?!

What's Good?! Is a positive, uplifting talk show co-hosted by Amy Paffrath and Justin Walter.  We feature do-gooders, good samaritans and world changers who are making life better for everyone around them.

Watch. Smile! Share.

Drew Seeley
I LOVED being a guest on ‘What's Good?!’ - Amy & Justin have such witty and warm hearts, and it’s really refreshing to talk about and focus on all the GOOD in world. They’ve found a niche that’s positive, uplifting and not at all cynical, despite the news we are inundated with from every other news source. I encourage you to go down the rabbit hole, and enjoy the great guests and conversations over the last two seasons.
Jeff Garlick
What's not to love? You are a BRIGHT silver lining in the cloudy world Amy and Justin is a GREAT co-host/collaborator! The stories and interviews are ALWAYS positive and the banter between you two is genuine which is a nice change from so many shows' fake scripted interactions!
Sven Rosandić 
Love the fact you guys cover some relevant but interesting stories which is very refreshing considering the flood of unrelevant clickbaity articles I keep seeing on my newsfeed all the time. You both do such a great job, keep it up!
Patty Van Wert 
We all need reminders to see and appreciate what's good in our lives. In these times and in this crazy world, we need stories that renew our faith in humanity and in our own values. There is too much negativity put out in social media and in the press. We need what's good to help us refocus on the good stuff, big or small. Sharing a smile can make someone's day good!
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